Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Automatic Speech Recognition MATLAB example for learning purpose (HMM, Baum-welch, etc)

Description :

This code demonstrates a ASR code for learning purpose. 

Caveat ! ) This example code does not perform better than any other well-known ASR software (Spinx, HTK, etc). It is just an example code for learning purpose. And, do not use this example code for any commercial use. 

I offer this matlab example for a learning purpose and impart a few piece of knowledge about Baum-welch algorithm , viterbi algorithm, and Hidden Markov Model which consist a traditional, typical ASR system. 

Hope you would feel helpful with this example code. 

Instruction :

run the code "RUN_THIS"

there are two folders in the uploaded compressed file. 
1. VOICEBOX : This one is very good tool box for speech/audio processing. 
In this example code, I have used several functions from VOICEBOX toolbox. 

refer to this like for further information about VOICEBOX  :

In this folder I included a speech corpus that was recorded by myself. (Yes it is Spturtle's voice)
The matlab code I uploaded should run with this folder existing in the main directory. 

Download MATLAB code here :

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